Photo Credit: James Byard

The Seventh Floor Repertory Dance Collective, founded by Heather Beal in 2018, is a St. Louis based dance company dedicated to the preservation and legacy of Dunham Technique.


I have a legacy to continue…

I use my choreography to provoke the change I want to see in the world.  Dance is my thing, sharing our history and culture with the next generation is my purpose. I am dancing in my purpose.


My choreography expresses the depth of my anger as a black woman subjected to the policing and shaming of my body. My movement develops out of my TOTAL inability to understand the re/evolving door of the struggle for basic, human rights for people of color, particularly black folk. It is my hope to spark conversation around the topic of police brutality, violence against women and the celebration of black culture despite the hatred of black people in America today. I am investigating how we can use the dance to protest against it.